We’re Helping Teenagers Acheive Fitness That Will Carry Them Through Life With a Foundation for Great Living

Teen Classes Meet Monday, Wednesday and Thursday!

Watch this video to see how Ferox365 and TRX can deliver for TEENS!

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Ferox365 Fitness is Lake Norman’s premier & only TRX certified fitness studio. TRX is the most versatile piece of fitness equipment. It’s used by both men and women of ALL Fitness Levels. If you want to perform and look your best the TRX is the perfect tool to do that.

Up & above the TRX equipment Ferox365 Fitness has brand new state of the art equipment that no other fitness studio in the area has. We offer the ultimate total body workout. There are over 300 total body exercises that increase, strength & conditioning; flexibility while increasing your performance.

Ferox365 Fitness combines strength, flexibility & metabolic training to maximize your fitness goals no matter what your current physical condition


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